Reward ​​

Birthday Rewards
In order to qualify for the BIRTHDAY rewards, there are a few things that must be done first, lets go over them now:

1) All Csp's must be active and working the minimum required hours per week/weekend. 
2)  All metrics must be met according to SOW
3)  And last but not least, it has to be the pay period of your birthday. The reason we wait for the end of the pay period is to make sure all metrics are met. 
4)  You have to of been with PDN at least 60 days. 

And if those simple requirements are made, you will either be sent a $25 gift card or an additional $25 bonus will be deposited with your check. 
Military Discount
In order to be eligible for the 50% off incentives, you must:
select Military in the “How did you hear about Arise?” question when creating your profile
send an email to:[email protected], after completing your profile, with proof that you are either active military, a military spouse or a veteran.

If you have any questions during this process, please send an email to:[email protected] we will provide further assistance.
Referral Program
In order to be eligible for the $100 bonus, you must first
1) Must be with PDN a minimum of 60 days.
2) All client metric must be met according to SOW.
3) You have to refer two (2) new people to PDN. Every two (2) people you refer, you will get the $100 bonus. No limit. 
4) The new CSP's that you refer must complete training and complete rules 1 & 2.