Frequently Asked Questions
For your convience we have compiled the top 3 questions from four different categories about PDN and how business is conducted. If your question is not listed please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with you question or concern. 

  Pre-hiring Process​​

When will I hear back from PDN, once my application has been submitted?
Is there a fee associated with signing up with PDN?
What do some of the job details consist of?
Assuming you already have the computer, internet, phone line and headset; you will also be responsible for paying for your background check ($7.95), and you will also be responsible for paying for the client training class(typically $19-$69 depending on the client.)
Depending on the opportunity, agents will either take inbound or outbound customer service, sales, technical supports, or telemarketing calls, emails, chats, or a combination of the four. Interactions may involve billing inquiries, account or product inquiries, product or service orders, installation scheduling or technical product troubleshooting.
The application process usually takes one business day, so wiithin 1-3 business days of completing your application you will receive an email from a member of PDN management. If you do not receive an email from a member of management then feel free to email us at [email protected]

 About Training 

How long does it take to complete a certification course?
What happens if I can’t attend every training class?
Am I paid for training?
Certification depends on the client. Some clients allow you to earn revenue during certification courses, but most client do not pay during training.
You must attend every training class. If you miss even one class you will be dropped from the project. The affiliate does not offer make-up training classes. A large amount of information is covered in each class; missing one class would be detrimental to your success on the project.
Training for positions will vary depending on the complexity of the assignment. Certification courses can last from a few days to over 8 weeks, depending on the client application.

Pay Inquiries

Are associates hired as employees or are they independent contractors?
Do PDN agents get raises?
How does PDN pay?
Direct deposit is the standard form of payment. But from time to time we have special case situations where an agent wants a paper check sent out or paid via paypal, we can typically accommadate those request also. As long as we can document the transaction, we don't mind going the extra mile.
Yes. Raises are obtainable with PDN. But  we also have bonuses, incentives and rewards based on performance, referrals and other things. We are happy to reward any and all agents that deserve it, and that is one of the things our agents love about us. 
All associates are hired as independent contractors, and will receive 1099-MISC forms for annual reporting. This means that we do not take out taxes, and that you are responsible for keeping.

Workspace Inquires

What are the requirements for my work space?
What do I need to join the PDN remote staffing?
Can I service from my local coffee shop?
No, you must service from your home office IP (Internet Protocol) address. We deal with sensitive customer and client information and we need to ensure we have a safe and secure network AT ALL TIMES.
The opportunities offered by PDN require a computer that meets the specific system requirements (varies by client opportunity) per the potential client. For training, a USB headset may be required. High-speed internet is required for all opportunities as well.
Agents will need to provide an office that is noise and distraction free. Be aware that common distractions may include interruptions from family members, cell phones, television, music, doorbells and pets.