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  1. 14 Awesome Facts about Remote Work
    14 Awesome Facts about Remote Work
    23 APR
    This is a "visual blog" about 14 awesome facts to consider when thinking about working from home or when considering hiring a remote staffing agency.
  2. 28 FEB
    Blog entry number two about "Benefits of Outsourcing, the second edition. This blog goes into the other benefits other than saving money, that can increase revenue for your company.
  3. Part 1: Benefits of Outsourcing
    Part 1: Benefits of Outsourcing
    28 DEC
    Blog entry about "Benefits of Outsourcing Part 1" This blog goes into the general benefits of outsourcing your call center work to a remote/virtual call center.
  4. Classes
    29 FEB
    Your homepage should be the first page that visitors to your site see, so make sure you give a concise overview of who you are, what you do and why you are right for them.
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PDN seeks to practice and promote: excellent customer service, success & the numbers to back it up. We strive to grow out company with the same values and integrity we used when we started the company.  

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Lauderdale by the Sea Realty
Luxurious Hair Products
C. Mason

Executive Director


PDN Agent

"PDN saves me a lot of time and prevents so many  headaches. Excellent company."
"When I first started Luxurious Hair Products, I had absolutely no nationwide leads. I hired PDN for customer service and sales. They helped me gain customers and clients by creating a cold calling campaign and calling prospects on my behalf. My company now has contracts and partnerships with hair salons, hair & beauty schools, and many other clients. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to PDN for their assistance in becoming a successful virgin hair extension company. "
"I was new to working at home when I first started servicing for PDN. I was really skeptical about WAH opportunities. Now I am happy to say I've beeen servicing for PDN three years."
Executive Director
"PDN saves me a lot of time and prevents so many headaches. Excellent company."

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